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jumpstart_heart's Journal

Are you totally tubular?
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Ok. So. This is an totally tubular community that likes originally, insight, beauty, good taste, and oh yeah- awesomeness. If you think you have what it takes, apply by joining first (it's one of the buttons right about this, genius), copying and pasting that application right there below in a post in the community, and wait 2 days maximum. Judging, of course, will be fair. Since it's a new community as of now, first 8 people will be accepted. Following the rules are a must. Wanna be a mod? Suck up big.

for members...
[1] Promote your guts out.
[2] Vote on possible members based on their application. It also helps if you know your mods in real life.
[3] Once accepted, post about anything you want.
[4] When voting on possible members, put either a "yes" or "no" in the subject line.
for non-members...
[1]In order for you to apply, you have to join the community first. Post your application and that's it. No further posting until you have been accepted.
[2]MOST IMPORTANTLY post under an lj cut titled: "I'm Awesome" and Application in the subject line. Just as long as those phrases are in there somewhere so we know what's up. It must be behind an lj-cut or we will not accept you! It saves space when you do that, it's just not nice for the rest of us if you make us wait forever to load with you application.
[3] And, that's it. Be nice. Proper spelling and grammar is a must.